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How to get out of Elo Hell? | Best champions to promote Low Divisions

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Best LoL champion to solo boost your account

If you feel that you stuck in a low division or Elo hell, then you know that is sucks. And do not fault other players in your team. Yeah, maybe they perform not very well, but the main reason that you stuck here is YOU. Yep, you are a bad player. So just focus, learn the game well and lead your team to the victory! Here I will show you some champions that are superb on low elo. All you need is to master one of these champions and understand the basic concepts of counter picking, team composition, and team play.


annie lol

Annie is such champion that can get you out of the Bronze league in three weeks. The biggest problems of low elo divisions are:

  1. Nobody play as support
  2. ADc does not know what they must do

Annie just gives you the most effective kit to farm minions that your ADC misses. Tons of damage with CC abilities – this all makes from her an easy point-and-click champion. The most effective Annie’s build is a full AP build, and a coin for additional gold. Just do not haste when playing as Annie, farm until you get your main artifacts and only then start to roam around spreading chaos and destruction upon your enemies. Remember that you need to use your ultimate along with the stun, to nuke your opponents. Annie is such champion that does not require a lot of skills but can carry games almost solo.

Annie is such champion that does not require a lot of skills but can carry games almost solo. Of course, if she played correctly. She has two strong AOE skills and ability which similar to Thornmail. Annie’s passive gives to her a stun for every four abilities used. When your passive is active you can use one of your AOE abilities to deal tons of damage and stun the opponents. Her Disintegrate (Q) ability refunds mana if the target is killed, and this greatly increases her laning potential. Unlike other mages, she can keep her mana bar almost full, even when she spamming her abilities to CS (creep slaying) or harass the enemy. Just use Disintegrate to farm without losing any mana at all, but be sure that you will kill the minion if you decide to use it.

Summing up, I want to tell that Annie is an extremely simple champion with the great sustain damage. Anyone who wants to boost their elo just need to play as this little girl.


warwick lol champion

Warwick is a melee analog of Annie – simple, easy to learn point-and-click champion. Just farm during almost all early stages of the game, and when you receive all necessary items just start to snowball and gank everyone you can find. Remember that you need to use your ultimate on cooldown because every second that you spend with ready ultimate is delaying the next ultimate. Aim at CDR items to use your ultimate as often as possible.

Warwick is an extremely easy champion that needs literally no skill to win games at low Elo. Just find a competent player in your team and camp his lane, to be ready to assist him. Another tip – is to gank peoples that can carry the game in future.

In the late game, Warwick is rather medium, neither notably weak nor exceptionally strong. You will deal nice damage, and still can soak nice amounts of damage, of course, if you have 6 items in your backpack. Your main advantage in the late game in the ability to tank the Baron or Elder dragon, so you can start a map objective. And do not forget that you can always quickly fully heal on the minions or jungle creeps. Use it if you decide to retreat from a fight to heal up and go back in action. Use Jaws of the Beast and Smite to quickly refill your health bar.


pantheon lol champion

Top tier champion for top lane players. Just try him out, and you will fall in love with Pantheon. Yeah, maybe he does not deal as much damage as Annie or Warwick, but he can deal enough to carry the team to the top. If you decided to choose Pantheon then be sure that you will be able to end the game until the late game. Spear of the Gods is one of the strongest champions from early to the mid stages of the game, and you need fully use this advantage.

The reason of his power is in the great poking kit during laning phase. Spear Shot (Q) deals lots of damage and the mana cost is pretty low. This allows him to be king in the laning phase. Just throw a spear at the enemy each time he brave enough to try to kill some minions.

Pantheon is easy to master champion because all his abilities are NOT skill shots. This makes him user-friendly and easy to learn. Even his stun is a point and click ability, that means that you can always hit an enemy with in 100% of the time.

Grand Skyfall is really unique ability that gives Pantheon the ability to leap almost all across the map and deal nice amounts of damage upon landing. With this ability, you can easily push one lane, and enter the team fight on the other edge of the map to help your team mates. This all makes him an amazing champion to solo boost your elo.

League of Legends Coaching

lol coaching

Anyway, you can not leave the low Elo if you do not know how to play, and if you do not have enough time to learn all the tips and tricks in League of Legends, then you will never promote yourself higher.

But to help these peoples some boosting services provide a coaching functional. A professional LoL player with really high elo Diamond+ will guide you through. Every coach is unique and all of them have their style, like some of them using next program:

  1. They speak with you to identify your personality and choose the best role that you can perfectly fit.
  2. Watch you games online to see your average level, and what mistakes you do mostly.
  3. They guide you through the basic League of Legends, and then you both watch the replay, where your coach shows all possibilities that you missed and all mistakes that you done.
  4.  A coach will play some games with you, where he will recommend what champion you need to pick, what items you need to buy and etc. Just do not blindly follow these recommendations, but try to understand why he tells you to do them.

Coaching is not very popular thing in League of Legends, but it much better than casual boosting. After boosting you will slowly crawl down to your previous Elo if you do not know how to play right, but after using lol coaching service you will clearly see how your skill grows higher and you will be able to solo boost yourself without using these illegal methods.

Just find a passionate League of Legends player and a coach who enjoys his work to its fullest. If you manage to find such a person then be sure that you will be in hands of skilled player and your order is guaranteed to succeed.

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