God Fist: Creation

God Fist Lee Sin

Skin creation in the League of Legends is like traveling, your opportunities are unlimited, but this journey will be useful if only you know where you want to be. That’s why skin creation begins from the creation of the concept. In this short description written all information about this skin, like it’s sound effects, video effects, voice, style, etc. Is serves as a compass that leads to the really great champion skin.

God Fist Lee Sin concept was – “Lee Sin is a God“. And on the every step developers look at work they already done and ask themselves a question: “Now he looks like a God?”. If the answer was positive they move ahead, if negative – they thinking about changes that they can apply.

Lee Sin’s greatest enemy

What do we mean when say that Lee Sin is a God? Who is this guy? Is he really a god, or just semi-god, quarter-god? What his history?

To answer this question we created a legend about God Fist – a simple man, that training a lot, always looking for stronger opponents. After numerous battles, he was equaled to the Gods in strength.

God Fist

Lee Sin passed through intense training and obtain such power, that he now can feel the energy that pierces through all world. He is still blind, but Gods do not need the eyes.

No more a human, but still not a god

Lee Sin was a little too thin, so developers made him a stronger, to show all his nearly god powers that flow through his body. God Fist’s previous models look like bodybuilders but in the end, they abandoned that idea. He still stronger than an average human, but still not a god.

Technical issues

Animations and effects of Lee Sin were uneasy to change because developers need to save accuracy of the game process. Players rely on the visual effects when they playing as this champion, so Riot tries to highlight his divinity without touching appearance of this monk.

The really hard problem – is to find the right visual effect for his fists, that will highlight his divinity. Firstly they tried elemental magic, like fire fists, electric fists, but all them look more chaotic than divine. And golden aura perfectly highlights his divinity and shows to us his powers.

God Fist early concept

Even the death of the God Fist Lee Sin looks like his mortal body dies, but his divine essence rises to the skies. When health bar of this champion hit the 0 mark, his body falls to the ground, and golden aura is ascending.

God Fist SFX

Phrases of the Lee Sin must reflect his history, and I think that Lee Sin can not become a Full God because he just can not find the worthy opponents. And because of that, his voice is impatient, sharp, and rather arrogant … And he not realizing that the reason he did not reach divine heights lies within him. This is the story we learn from the monk’s replicas.


Skin creation is hard work because developers need to know that they thinking in the one way. In the end, with a common vision, all the elements of the project, from the visual effects to the voice and the character model, will together become one.

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Play as professional: Range and Support


Shooter: Jhin from Bang

Bang T1

Fashion for shooters in this Championship very spontaneously formed. First, all have tried to play Ethereal and Jhin, the latter did not show much success at the start. As shown, the difficulty was temporary and Jhin just needed time to blossom. By the end of the playoffs, he became the most contested champion due to his unanswered dominance position on the line. Champions like Caitlyn could only hope to push opponents in the early levels, but such tactics opened up the rear for Ganks and teleports, so cons when playing against Jhin always there.

It is true, that Jhin is easy prey for a champions like Olaf due to his low movement speed. However, its output of staccato this Virtuoso can perform from any distance.

One of its main advantages is that even if it dangerous to approach to the team fight Jhin does not fall out of the game, as the greater number of shooters and he brings benefits. Runes used by Bang and other well-known players to Jhin, is different from the universal page for shooters, because it contains the quintessence of the strength of the attack and the marks on the armor penetration.

Key talent for this Virtuoso is also important because Battle hunger or Bloodlust does not give him no benefits – so Touching of Death Fire and only it.

Support: Miss Fortune from GorillA


All the champions above, are recommend at least for the more dense study in your games, to have another knowledge for raising the rating – a redheaded devil at the support position is a bit more complicated. At the World Championships Miss Fortune was used to neutralize the Zyra on the line. Due to the passive ability “Welcome Shot” in a pair with any shooter to very quickly cleaned the dominance of invasive plants before they inflict any serious damage. Besides, how much damage there! With Ash Miss Fortune can be washed off the map overnight almost any immobile target that more than once felt the double champion of the world Wolf.

Especially it should be noted talent, runes and build Miss Fortune – Support. As GorillA, and CoreJJ settled on a combination of strength abilities with armor runes. Talents, however, Samsung Galaxy player prefers more aggressive in order not to rely solely on his Shooter, but on themselves.

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Play as professional: Mid and Jungle


League of Legends: jungle from Olaf – Jankos


H2k Gaming stoped at the semi final stage, but Jankos was the best Jungler in the whole tournament. He play as Olaf and his play was so perfect, that we just can not add him to this list. Olaf – berserk act like he hear the call of Ragnarok, and he appear in 77% of games in the World Championship 2017. He win only 50% of that matches, but Olaf merits are certanly not diminished.

League of Legends Jungle

The strength of Berserker has grown in the course of the tournament – from the first, unfortunate steps in this champion of Trashy to the bulldozer, which run through the entire team before you stop it, in the face of Jankos.


If you look at H2k and Samsung semi-finals, then in the table you will see soulless score 0 : 3. But not everything was so easy for ambitious Koreans, because in the first game of the series Jankos regularly brought confusion in the rear ranks of the opponents. In what Olaf is so good? In fact, almost in everything that you need from the forester. He can easily destroy jungle camps, He has very stong gank potential at the early stages of the game, and great potential for the teamfights. In addition, he is versatile and flexible at the same time: Jankos selects the most simple runes on attack power, armor and magic resistance, and BENGi, for example, prefers to add yourself combat power armor penetration in runes – you will kill camps in the forest a little longer, but have such a nice damage to champions.

LoL Mid Line from Viktor – Crown


At this tournament were a lot of great players of the middle line and champions, which they used. Lady’s trio in the face of Syndra, Cassiopeia and Oriana could easily diversify your set of champions, but their complexity may put in place anyone. Can it be said that Viktor simple champion? Of course not. However, his versatility and balanced set of skills will allow you to move away from an enemy ganks using a shield and accelerate the removal of energy and give out tons of damage with Death Ray and Vortex of EntropyViktor has virtually no bad matchups, and once you learned how to play properly on him, know all its subtleties and tricks, you will be out of competition on the middle line.


Crown – perhaps the most famous Viktor player in the world. Bjergsen, and Faker realized at this World Cup, that what would be, if they will not ban Viktor for midliner of Samsung Galaxy. Danish superstar of the TSM was very proud of his Zilean as counterpick for Viktor, and on the American scene this strategy had some success. But Crown has dispelled these illusions with pair of solo kills. His set of talents and runes finally was adopted by Demon King himself – Faker – it is important to highlight here enclosed point in meditation and taken Runic similarities. Both talents allow to balance the line to Viktor and give him the opportunity to more freely harras the opponent. However, only with constant practice you will come close to the level which show by Korean masters.

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Play as professional: Top line

Gnar League of Legends

In addition to the bright gaming and real emotions, this World Cup is remembered to us with new Meta, that fully formed by the end of the tournament – a set of the most relevant and powerful champions who began  to appear in almost every game at any level. On what champions play the best of the best in this tournament and how they show theirselfes – we’ll talk about it.

Top line: Gnar by Duke

Gnar League of Legends

On the top line at this World Cup was a real orgy, because really only CuVee play on the highest level, and no one can not even get close to him. However, look at, for example, Kennen is strange because, with all the pros of this nimble ninja for the team, he is hardly ready to win the game on his own. So we start this material with Gnar as the most flexible and still actual – Nerfs are useless, Riot Games! – Top Liner.

Matchup certainly became worse, the same Kennen or Ecco cause serious problems for Gnar. But at the same Gnar can still feel comfortable on the line if he play defensively, or even win it with a help of jungler. He can still split push. Depending on the situation, he still has options of assemblies through the back axe and frozen hammer or something else. In team battles, only a few champions from top line can boast such an overwhelming amount of control and the availability of reliable initiation.

Duke’s Gnar

Winter Gnar

World champion Duke held this tournament not ideal, but if he gets in his hands Gnar – it is over. Murders one-on-one, and phenomenal bursting into the opponent’s camp immediately nominated him to the fore as a serious threat. On line the best way for exchanges is Swifty, and to activate it as often as possible, Duke adds to himself attack speed by quintessences, plus for an additional Sustain he has a little bit of vampirism.

Best Talent Choice for Gnar

Gnar lol

As for talent: fearful Gnars still sometimes prefer Grasp of the Dead, but to truly realize the potential of this champion is possible only through the fervor of battle. Go ahead, but remember that good is not the one who jumps into the battle at any opportunity, but the one who finds the very right moment.

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“Ask Riot” about new client and more

Ask riot lol

Welcome to the “Ask Riot”

Ask Riot

Today we will discuss reasons why we update client, and our plans about system reports on the resulting damage.

Why you need a new client?

Many developers do not need to change their client to the new. But League of Legends is working for you for 10 years already, and age of the few elements are old enought and they need to be replaced.

We did our best from the old client, but technologies of the past will not allow to us to release a big League of Legends updates. This why we need to update the client. Our new program was created from zero. Client affected to not only our game, but to every aspects of our relationships with League of Legends: Shop, Lobby, Chat, Champion choosing process and many more.

Improved design and more advanced technological base – that’s the first thing that players will notice in the new client.

Ask riot lol


Just look at the old client. No, seriously, open your profile page. What we have here, scrapbook for wizards? And now switch to the rune page. Question: Why at magic resist runes are drawn seashells? Answer: Nobody knows. All page do not follow to entire style, because they all were done in a different time. In updated client we with some special magic make all perfect, and now is look fancy and beautiful, just take a look.


Old client work on the Adobe AIR technology and in 2009 that was really cool. Our new client will work on a Chromium technology base. By that we will add some new features in our LoL Client like replays and more.

cCc Grumbles cCc, Cactopus.

When system reports on the resulting damage will work correctly?

lol ask riot

In short, the system reports on the resulting damage have several serious problems that complicate the introduction of new products and support of this function as a whole.

You may remember that we have significantly upgraded posthumous summary of last year. We managed to make the information in it more reliable (no more “death” from the Flash), but reached an impasse: without full rework our post-mortem reports would require a significant investment. We are already seeing that the system begins to fail again.

If work on summary of the resulting damage will resume, then we will remake it from zero, in order to avoid the appearance of the new problems. So far, we have postponed work on the summary, because it would take too many resources, which we have already sent to a priority address.


We try to read all questions, but we just can not answer to all of them. To some of this question you can find answers in other articles. This rubrick is not the best place to announce our new features.

But we will hear you, so continue asking! And we will address your question to our employee, that works in that sphere.

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All you want to know about World 2016

World 2016

World 2016

World 2016

Four teams left in the semi final. Who will fight for the Champion title and the Cup of the Summoners in the Great Final? Watch it in Live just from the legendary New York’s Madison Square Garden at 22 and 23 October.

Semi Finals are waiting! In New-York we will see which team will fight in the Finals of the Worlds 2016. If you want to catch all what you missed from the World championship, or you are a newbee in the world of League of Legends, there is a key information about Semi Finals in New-York.

What is Play-Off?

World 2016 is divided in 2 stages: Group stage and Play-Off Stage. Two best teams from each group will be able to fight in the Play-Off stage.

At Play-Off stage each team will fight until 3 victories. Team that lose their game must leave the tournament. Play-Off stage contains quarter-final, semi-final, and Final.

Scheme of the Play-off:

World 2016 Scheme


Who participate in the Semi-Finals? What is the schedule for the semi-final match?

4 teams participate in the Semi-Finals, and they are:

  • ROX Tigers (LCK) – SK Telecom T1 (LCK)      22 oct.
  • Samsung Galaxy (LCK) – H2K (EU LCS)         23 oct.

How opponents was chosen for Play-Off?

Scheme of the Play-Off was determined in Live right after ending of the Group Stage in Monday, 10 Oct. Teams, that ended in the First place will fight with Second from another Group.

In what format will be Semi-Final and the Final?

All matches of Play-Off Stage (semi final included) will be in BO5 format (until 3 victories).

Why semi-final is so important? For what team are fighting?

In Semi-Final we will see what teams will fight in Staples Center in Los Angeles for the Champion title, and the Summoners Cup.

How and Where i can watch a semi final?

Watch the news at the LoL-Gladiators site, and you will not miss any new information about Worlds 2016. If you missed something, then you can watch replays, or look at the rating of the teams!

I want to visit the Semi-Finals Matches. Can i buy tickets?

No, all tickets to the Semi-Final Matches in Madison Square Garden were sold out.

World LoL

Do not lose your chance see this significant matches, where we will know names of the team that will participate in the World 2016 Finals!

22 Oct, Saturday – ROX Tigers (LCK) – SK Telecom T1 (LCK)

23 Oct, Sunday – Samsung Galaxy (LCK) – H2K (EU LCS)  

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How to build Masteries in League of Legends: Next part

Guide to LoL masteries

After we clarified what masteries are and understanding the great importance they have for your role in the team, we built up the first three mastery pages for AD carry and for mid lane.

The next field we discuss is based on Support masteries. Most AP supports can run a very similar page as AP burst casters, but the only modification you should make is swapping Dangerous Game for Greed and the minion masteries to the other side. If you want to maximize your early game trades, then a good move would be picking up Oppressor instead of Bounty Hunter.

League of Legends masteries guide


The next mastery page is for Ranged Utility Supports and looks like this: 18 points in Cunning – 5 points Wanderer, 1 point Secret Stash, 5 points Meditation, 1 point Bandit, 5 points Intelligence and 1 point Windspeaker’s Blessing; and 12 points in Resolve: 5 points Recovery, 1 point Explorer, 5 points Runic Armor and 1 point Insight. Ranged Utility Supports like Soraka, Janna, and even Alistar are fulfilling their roles a lot better using this set-up. Windspeaker’s Blessing assures great buff resistance to all allies, including heal or shield. At the same time, Runic Armor offers an excellent boost on heal.


Tanky Support Masteries for champions like Alistar are built out of 12 points in Cunning: 5 points in Wanderer, 1 points in Secret Stash, 5 points in Meditation, 1 points in Bandit; and 18 points in Resolve: 5 points Recovery, 1 points Tough Skin, 5 points Veteran’s Scars, 1 point Insight,5 points Legendary Guardian and 1 points Bond of Stone. So, in this case, even if “Grasp of the Undying” deals more damage, “Bond of Stone” is preferred as it reduces damage all around.


The last three pages you will need are for Jungle and Top lane. The masteries for Burst Damage AD Jungler: 5 points Fury, 1 point Double Edged Sword, 5 points Vampirism and 1 point Oppressor – so 12 points in Ferocity. Then, 5 points Savagery, 1 point Runic Affinity, 5 points Merciless, 1 point Dangerous Game and 5 points Precision – a total of 18 points in Cunning. For tank junglers, I would opt to pick up the Strength of the Ages keystone mastery instead of Grasp of the Undying because it has been recently nerfed. It provides a decent scaling and works fine with a large number of champions that already have a decent amount of sustain and bet more on the utility. This is the points repartition: 5 points Wanderer, 1 point Runic Affinity, 5 points Merciless, 1 point Dangerous Game – so 12 points in Cunning and the next 18 are for Resolve: 5 points in Unyielding, 1 point Explorer, 5 points Runic Armor, 1 points Insight, 5 points Swiftness and 1 point Strength of the Ages.


12 points in Ferocity – 5 points in Fury, 1 point Double Edged Sword, 5 points Vampirism, 1 point Oppressor and 18 points in Resolve: 5 points Recovery, 1 point Tough Skin, 5 points Runic Armor, 1 point Perseverance, 5 points Swiftness and 1 point Grasp of the Undying.

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League of Legends – Review of the new champion Ivern

League of Legends New champion Ivern

Friend of the Forest


Ivern loves forest monsters and would not hurt them. Instead, he frees them! When you click on any forest camp Ivern drops off a small grove, wasting a bit of health and mana. Over time, the grove is growing – as soon as it is ripe, you can click at it again, and camp inhabitants will gain freedom and ivern – gold and experience. If at the camp, that surrounded by a grove, use Smite,  then monsters will immediately go to a safe place.

Ivern - Guardian of the Forest

After the fifth level with the release of scarlet or blue Guardian Green’s father makes a copy of the red or blue buff, which can pick up any ally.


Ivernit throws tenacious root, which deals magic damage and immobilizes the first enemy in the way. Allies that applying auto-attack to the immobilized target, move to it (to a distance of their attack).


Passive: if Ivern is in the bushes, his auto attacks have increased range and deal additional magic damage. The effect is maintained for a couple of seconds after he run out the bushes.

Active: ivernit growing shrub land, temporarily opening the area around it. Near the wall bushes get a bit bigger. After some time, the bushes that was created by the father of the Green disappear.


Ivern places around ally protective seed, giving him a shield. After a short delay, the seed explodes, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and slowing them.


Ivern encourages Daisy – a huge guardian and lover of hugs. Daisy running around, knocking the target of Ivern after several attacks. Green’s father can activate the ability again change target.


 League of Legends Ivern

Ivern is a truly unique character, and it is difficult to accurately compare it with some other representative of the League of Legends.

Forester, who Farm neutral monsters without inflicting a single blow, well, is not that great. Truly guardian of the Forest.

Frankly, after the past new heroes I ame no longer expected from Riot of something interesting, but apparently the developers come to his senses and began to create a really interesting champions.

It is not clear that how good he will be on a battlefield, but only because of his extraordinary features its worth a try.

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LoL road to the greatest eSport league

LoL world Cup

In 2012, one of the founders of Riot Games Brandon Beck talked about what would be the League of Legends eSports in 5 years. In his dreams cyber tournaments and their translation is not inferior to traditional sports in quality or heat of passion, and the best professional players became true legends. And although it was a very big words, even then, in 2012, we knew that all of these are important milestones on the way to the creation of global e-sports, which will be able successfully to exist for decades. We still do not converge with the intended path, so we would like to tell you that the future has come.

LoL world Champ

The future of e-sports LoL

Looking to 2017 and beyond, we imagine a future in which professional players have high salaries and long career and a cyber clubs – a successful enterprise whose owners share with us the responsibility for the prosperity of our sport in the long term. To bring this future, we plan to distribute the income of cyber initiatives and in collaboration with our partners to develop new business models and actively change the league. We want to see these partners were interested in the stability and earned thanks to the growing popularity of the sport.

We firmly intend to eSports League of Legends to outline our future.

LoL all-star

How we will get there

If to explain simply – road to eSports is consist from three key components:

  • Fan community
  • Economy
  • Stability

One component is a logical consequence of the other, but not all of the 13 world leagues LoL are equally well developed. For example, already established League (LPL, LCK, NA LCS, EU LCS) have a serious fan base and focus on in order to fine-tune economic processes. But other leagues have still only the foundations that was started by Brandon in 2012. We will analyze each of this component.

Fan Community

In our view of the community of fans hiding something much more than just a figure of the match spectators. For us fans – a community of people united by love to a one or another team, the individual players and entire leagues. This is a deep connection, and it occur when you rejoice, because your team has made a decisive “ace” and won the match, and when you fight in agony, because the club for which you are sick, flew out of the World Cup.

In addition, we believe that to root for your favorite team is better with someone who shares your passion. No matter where you are watching the match – in the stadium, at home, or at a party, that was specially gathered for this occasion, we hope to give to all fans of eSports LoL the opportunity to share these experiences with your friends. We are sincerely glad that more and more people around the world together watching LoL tournaments, and are proud of those who spared no time and effort to unite fans in different parts of the world. We sincerely thank you and we intend to do even more to support your initiatives.

Frankly – without your help, none of this would have been. Millions of players who are watching the World Cup final – is not just a number to us. For us it is the foundation on which everything else rests.

LoL fans


Seeing as in regional LoL leagues and all around the world is steadily growing number of fans, we feel it is our duty to care for the sustainable economic development of the sport.

The fan community, as well as your passion for sports – it’s real assets that allow us to create for the teams and their owners ecosystem in which they could make a profit and grow. To attract in cybersport new long-term investments that will allow eSports to grow in future, we need to find a new sources of income.

We need to make this cake even prettier to the teams and the players. At the moment, all the sources of income in e-sports can be divided into several main areas (but with its development will be new):

  • Content / sponsorship
  • Souvenirs / attributes
  • Game content

Content / sponsorship – is an important component of economic development of eSports LoL. For over a year we are working to restructure and extend our approach to the dissemination of content and advertising sales / conclusion of sponsorship agreements. Unfortunately, we can not disclose the details, until we sign the agreement, but we believe that this is the most important factor for long-term success.

Sale of eSports attributes involves closer cooperation with the teams. Recent studies have shown that among the fans has a great interest in such products, so we would like to work more closely with the teams to help them to please their fans with cool stuff.

Finally, sales of game content has always been an important part of our economic plan, both for the teams and for the league. We started with the summoner icon, together with the teams we explore new ideas and ways to increase the share of their income. And again with the teams working on the revenue sharing scheme. For more information about the upcoming changes in the near future game content can be found below. Please be patient and read on!


Work with the fans and robust economy, of course, important for a successful sport – but stability, which implies partnerships with clubs and competent working structure, will help to create a favorable environment in which our eSport will be able to grow and develop in the long term.

We have not yet reached the phase where we could say with certainty how will look a long-term partnership; yet we do not know exactly how it will be worked and will it work the same in all regions. To enter into long-term partnership with the clubs in different parts of the world – is a complex process in many reasons (ecomonical, financial and etc). The first step in this chain – it is to enlist the support of reliable partners and to create the right structure. We expect to take this step in 2018.

LoL eSports in 2017

Investing in the future now, we are aware that in the current ecosystem team owners and the league can not always count on profitability. Recently they have increased spending, including the fact that the players have increased wages and the cost of them, and it happened in the first place because it has begun a significant inflow of foreign investments and increased interest in eSports.

For example, owners of clubs in LPL, interested in the growth of their teams , tend to win in the international tournaments, for which they are luring foreign stars with a high wages. The owners of teams in the LCK fight with the leak of talent and also increase wages.

This type of investment – it is a positive development, especially for professional players, but we understand that in the short term, they can greatly complicate the life of the teams and hit their budget. So we want to make sure that the teams did not have to cut back salaries of players and reduce their funding.

Investment growth – a natural process for developing structure. And this is a sign that we are from the beginning chosen the right path of development. At the same time, we understand that we can restore the shattered equilibrium: to help our partners to cope with temporary difficulties, we will accelerate the deployment of some of our long-term projects.

New sources of income

Since the World Cup 2016, Riot will introduce some of the changes associated with the game content, which will help to create additional sources of income for players and teams.

LoL Skins

Images and totems from World Cup – now 25% of income from sales of “champion” skins and totems from World Cup will go to the World Cup prize fund. This means that after each purchase of Zed champion size of the prize pool of the World Cup 2016 will increase. For comparison, if this rule was applied in the past year, the prize fund of the championship would have grown more than twice.

Images of the candidates – Similarly, 25% of proceeds from sales of “Candidates” will go to the prize fund of the tournament MSI.

Images of the Teams-Champions – Since this years world champions, we will transfer 25% of the income from sales directly to players, after which they were created, as well as their teams and leagues (since there is no hero without the village where he was born). In the same way, we will share of the revenue from sales of old images of the players, teams and leagues (Fnatic, TPA, SKT, Samsung White and again SKT).

The new (and improved) digital products – Next year we will try the new revenue distribution capabilities, including items related to the game with the symbols of the various commands and actions. We are confident that the teams aiming to establish their own strong brand, have a lot of potential income – but because it is new, not passed the test of time products, we plan to cover at least part of the teams expenses: In 2017, each league will determine the guaranteed minimum payment, based on the specifics of a particular region. For example, EU LCS allocate each team with a minimum guaranteed amount of € 100.000 for the full season, 50% of which will go directly to the players as an additional income over and existing salary.

Even without taking into account the payment to former world champions, the above measures will send in favor of teams and players millions of dollars a year as an additional income.

Forward to the Future

We believe that LoL eSports have bright prospects in 2012, but now they became even brighter, if we estimate these significant steps from our part. In the face of new challenges and uncertainties, we will always stick to our beliefs: put first the interests of the fans, to create a strong ecosystem for
fans, teams and professional players, which will allow your favorite sport live happily ever after.

LoL world Cup

Thank you for what you are doing the sport itself worthy of the name. See you at the World Cup!

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LoL Vocabulary

League of Legends

Learning League of Legends vocabulary

League of Legends

In order to better understand how to play League of Legends, first you have to familiarize yourself with the in-game vocabulary used by the community. Here are some key terms you’ll see quite often:

LoL Dictionary

AP = Ability Power, this stat boosts the effectiveness of abilities;

BD/BACKDOOR= To attack the enemies’ towers and base without the cover of your creeps there;

CC = Crowd Control; it defines moves that limit enemy champions’ ability to participate in fights such as stun, fear, knockbacks/ups and blind.

CD= Cool down, the time you have to wait in order to use the same ability again;

Farm = killing many creeps in order to gain gold, experience and to push the lane.

Feed = A player who dies constantly “feeds” the other team with the gold reward for killing someone and experience. A player who is “fed” has a lot of kills.

Harass = to annoy the enemy with small bursts of non-lethal damage in order to force them to leave the lane to heal or to be set up for a gank.

MR= Magic Resist which works as armor against magic abilities, reducing the damage.

MS = Movement Speed

TP = The summoner’s spell “Teleport” used to traverse the map;

ULT = Ultimate Ability. The R Ability;

GG = Good game;

GJ= Good job;

GL, HF = Good luck, have fun! They are usually said before the match in order to encourage the allies/enemies;

DISC, DC = Disconnected from a game;

B = back;

Bait = to deliberately appear in a position where you can be easily attacked so as to make 1 or more players from the enemy team to be attacked unexpectedly by your team;

Gank = an ambush; to go (often with more than one player) and try to kill an enemy by surprise; it is technically an abbreviation for “gang kill.”;

OOM = out of mana;

IP = Influence Points, the in-game money that anyone can earn by playing;

RP= Riot Points, in-game money purchased with U.S. Dollars;

OP= Overpowered champion or Original Poster, the thread creator;

Burst = A large volume of damage done quickly and typically then very little sustained follow up damage;

Smurf = a low level account played by an experienced player in order to face lower opponents;

BG = bad game for games with leavers/purpose feeders etc. However, this phrase is not nice to be said even if you lost the match;

KS = kill steal/ kill stolen;

LH = Last Hit;

SR = Summoner’s Rift;

TT = Twisted Treeline;

AT = Arranged Team;

Premade = Same as AT;

CS: “Creep score.” The number of minions you’ve killed in a game.

Wave clear: A champion’s ability to kill an entire wave of enemy minions in one fell swoop or very quickly.

Kiting: Running away from an opponent while simultaneously dealing damage to them.

Leash: A method used to help junglers by attacking monsters in the jungle to chip away at their health and/or distract them while leaving the final kill for the jungler teammate.

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