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Through hardship to the stars: Map Overview

LoL game map

Using the map

LoL world map

jk, not this map ofc

The most important moment in professional games – map overview. But unfortunately even the owners of the highest rank underestimate the totems. Commenanotrs of cybersports events always check how many totems was placed by every team. Professionals team spent a huge chunk of gold just on totems, they will have a huge advantage if they see the movement of the opponents.


LoL totems

At the beginning of the game, each team member has a yellow accessory through which you can get rid of the fog of war in a certain area and see what is happening in this area for some time. Do not forget to use it on a comfortable place on the map, you can peek for its locations from the professionals. Blue accessory give you the opportunity to put the totem at long range. Its disadvantage – the radius of the view, plus the enemies see it and can kill with a single blow. Mainly this accessory takes the range champions and midline players.

To destroy the enemy invisible totem you need to buy red accessory for 75 gold for 75. This totem will show not only the hidden enemy totems, but also the invisible champions.

The special importance of open review – is the ability to properly think about your actions. You will see when enemies are approaching, and you will be able to quickly retreat. Also you can see on what line you will have the best opportunity to farm.

Some Advices

LoL game map

But what to do when the time comes to battle? Always try to understand when you are able to win the fight and when to retreat. Take a look at the Ultimate readiness of your allies (green circle next to the champion icon) and the number of characters that can participate in the fight. Sometimes, when you are away from the team and do not have time to come to the fight, it is better to focus on the destruction of enemy buildings. So you will be able to receive additional gold for team and divert the attention of the enemy, giving a little time to your team.

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