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Calendar of the international competitions of the 2018 year

Riot Games showed schedule of the all international tournaments of the 2018 year in the League of Legends. Now fans received a useful data about major tournaments of this year, including dates.

  1. 2018 International Season will be opened on the 1st May in the Mid-Season Invitational in Berlin. Germany and France will hold this tournament, finals of which will be played in 20 of May in the Le Zénith Paris – La Villette.
  2. Next will be a series of tournaments of Rift Rivals, which will collide face to face a few leagues. CIS league may meet serious problems because their wounds from the last matches against Turkey are still hurt, and this time to the teams from the TCL will join Vietnamese collectives – this region, from this year, acquired a separate status on the pro scene. And in Vietnam matches from 2 to 8 of Jule will be held.
  3. South Korea will hold another World Championship, but we do not receive any dates of this tournament.
  4. And the last tournament of 2018 will be All Star 2018 in the USA  and it will be held from 3 till 9 December. Riot Games again will change the format of this tournament which still could not find his place in the e-sport world of League of Legends.
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