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For what reason Blizzard added a Hamster in Mech costume to Overwatch?

Why Blizzard added Hamster

There is much more to Wrecking Ball the hero than only a robotic ball equipped with quad cannons, as a few of you might already know. To help clarify the differentiation between Hammond the Empire and Wrecking Ball the protagonist, allow me to step back a bit to the start of the character’s narrative.

The Champion of all Junkertown

According to Overwatch Official News portal, Hammond has been Specimen #8 Horizon Lunar Colony, which Overwatch players can comprehend both as a working map from the match as well as the research center that created Winston, the gorilla scientist who has been a part of this game’s hero lineup because the beginning.

According to Winston’s history, a few gamers might have assumed that each the specimens in the Horizon Lunar Colony were apes, or primates. But on our Earth, people have sent all kinds of critters into area over the decades for many different different motives –cats, dogs, turtles–and we all believed that could be something interesting to research in the Overwatch universe.

Hammond was yet another test subject in the lunar colony, but the experiments that they ran went somewhat further than those that they ran on Winston. That is why Hammond is not only smarter compared to a standard hamster; he is also much larger.

If you have ever owned a hamster, you are aware they’re always attempting to break from items and research. Hammond’s narrative starts in a similar location to Winston’s, but branches in another way.

If Wrecking Ball initially looks in-game, you may observe that others socialize with Wrecking Ball in various ways. Roadhog and Junkrat, as an instance, just knew Hammond as Wrecking Ball for its longest period, therefore Junkrat might walk and only begin gushing over how beautiful he believes this giant damaging mech is… and totally ignore the fact he’s a hamster.

The character and background of Wrecking Ball also introduced some challenges in regards into reconciling Hammond’s narrative with all the hero’s game play. While making it Hammond himself is observable in games does not make a lot of sense from a narrative standpoint, we knew we needed to demonstrate that the character’s character in-game. In addition, actually revealing that the hamster provides rivals a far clearer headshot area than they would otherwise have. In addition to this, hamsters are super adorable, and we enjoyed the concept of demonstrating this critter over, say, giving the robot a mechanical mind or something like this that gamers knew where they ought to aim.

Why Blizzard added Hamster

We have been slipping little tips about Hammond’s presence into Overwatch for approximately two decades now. Observant Overwatch gamers may have noticed snippets of information regarding Specimen 8 getting from his cagesince the Horizon Lunar Colony map has been revealed. However, the thought for Wrecking Ball goes even farther than that, though we did not understand for a very long time he’d wind up being a giant genetically altered hamster.

In the time we believed giving him some type of magnetic skills would be cool–believe something along the lines of Katamari Damacy–at least one stage we thought he would suck bullets and take out them. The heart of the protagonist dream was always”I am this huge chunk of jealousy,” and we began to think more along the lines of:”Imagine if Overwatch was a pinball game”.

“Ball Guy” did not make it in the first roster of heroes, but we always knew we wanted to return to him finally, so gradually the personality developed out. In the beginning we pretty much knew he was likely to become a tank, only because it made great sense with his dimension as well as our vision because of his role on a group for a disruptor. We began to see him because this zone-control type of protagonist in a similar vein into D.Va or even Winston–compared to the exact literal types of tank heroes such as Reinhardt and Orisa that are good at holding a point and soaking up damage. And finally, we chose this character-less, emotionless robot asked ourselves”How can we make him brighter? How can we give him that additional oomph to actually give him character?”

Throughout that time, our guide artist Arnold Tsang attracted a variant of Ball Guy that needed a tiny robotic crab on top pointing from the hatch at the mech. That instantly took a personality who was cool concerning his gameplay , also introduced a very intense contrast concerning character and aesthetic. There was lots of debate around topics such as, Alright, acquiring a hamster in a ball is a fairly neat link. But if it be a robot or a true hamster? Is your ball smart as well as the hamster is your sidekick? If the hamster have the ability to talk?


We spent years figuring everything out. I meanwe had a speaking gorilla in the moon at the first launch. When you have a look at this today, years after, everybody is perfectly alright with it”Oh yeah, speaking moon gorilla, which makes great sense” We wanted to allow a specific quantity of time to pass until we pushed the envelope and place another oddity to the match.

Pushing the Envelope

And that is what about Wrecking Ball–we understood he was likely to become a somewhat polarizing figure. We desired him to become polarizing. I think you neglect in the two directions if folks simply hate something. However, if everybody just adores a personality and believes they are perfect? You want to have that dichotomy between individuals stating,”Oh this is too much,” and other people saying,”That is wonderful!” We desired that pull and push, that fire on the two ends of this spectrum.

On occasion the polarization occurs on the gameplay , and occasionally it’s over a character’s character. We knew we had been pushing matters, but we wanted to determine where the limitation was–just how far we can push items, how far we can get folks talking, while also putting together a very fun personality with amazing new gameplay which worked as a single cohesive unit.

If we’d just gone”Hamster, in the game” Without a circumstance, it might have been completely absurd. Hamster with some narrative circumstance? Still rather out there. Kinda nuts, but once you play with him for just a time, our expectation is that he grows on you and that you just go from thinking,”That is kinda mad” into”This can be kinda fun” into”I can not envision Overwatch with no!”

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