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League of Legends – Talents (Masteries)

Talentes tree


General information

In addition to various spells and runes in the League of Legends there is such a thing as talents. For each new level of your summoner you get one point, which can be spent on talents. Accordingly, the maximum you can have – is 30 points of talent. You can find your talents in your profile, in the “Masteries” tab.

Talents Page

Talentes tree

You can spend talentes absolutely fearlessly, because at any time you can reset all your settings and create new builds. For convenience, you may have a few pages of premade talents. For example, one page you can prepare for jungler and the other for the supporter. Once you have scattered talent and save the changes, you must also activate them. Before the game, in the champion’s menu,  activate the page of the talents that you need in this situation.

Enabling Talent

Even those talents that you are promote at the beginning give, though not large, but still an advantage. The more talents you invest in one skill tree, the more powerful talents open. Usually players are investing 18 talent points into one branch and 12 in the second. Invest only in one talent tree is usually not profitable, because you will not be able to take a couple of key talent from other branches. You can not just invest in talents from the bottom list. To open more interesting talents, first you have to invest talent points into something more simple.

LoL champions
All talents can be figuratively divided into two groups: normal and key. Conventional talents leveled up to 5 levels. Key talent is leveled only by 1 and you constantly have to choose. In other words in line with the key talent you can take only 1 talent.

Ferocity talents

This talent tree is used to increase the damage and the combat power of your champion. Talents from this branch are equally well suited, and for the magician, and the usual AD Carry. Some of the talents simply increase the standard characteristics, and another add new effects of your attacks.
Before the leveling any talent read the description carefully, since some talents give attack bonus only on neutral monsters and minions, and that can be useless for you.

Cunning talents

“Cunning”  – very good fit for the supporters and magicians, as it contains a huge amount of suitable talent. Also this branch has a good talent for the jungler.

Resolve talents

Last talent tree is most commonly used champions who need Protective talents.

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