Teamfight Tactics for beginners | Detailed TFT guide

Teamfight Tactics lol mode

Good day my fellas! Here I will tell you about how to learn to win in Teamfight Tactics.

TFT: From Iron To Gold very fast

The new Auto Battler from Riot Games is lacking the detailed tutorial, so I decided to create here one, that will help you to get comfortable with this game. Every beginner is starting their long road with the fights against experienced players. If you do not play in League of Legends before, you will have a bad time. But if you are chasing TFT ranks, then will help you in a blink of an eye.

TFT economy

Let money work for you

Gold is your primary tool in TFT, this resource gives you a chance to do everything you want, from buying additional levels and champions, to the re-rolls hoping to find the proper figure. So the major part of the gameplay consists of earning money.

And here is my first advice. The interest is your best friend. This is an easy-to-go additional earnings current that will bring to you additional +5 gold every turn. Just accumulate your gold up to the 50 gold to receive the maximum bonus. And all the surplus could be spent on additional high-tier champions and levels or rerolls.

You could plan your income with the special indicators on the left side of your screen. The interesting thing that you could check not only your interest but also an interest of the enemy, during PvP levels.

Losing a round is not mean losing a game

There are a lot of strategies where you relying on the losing streak to quickly get up to the +5 interest gold. Streaks are the best source of income, so if you having one, you need to focus on it. Just do not lose the PvE rounds, items are one of the pillars your victory is standing on.


Items could turn the fight

As soon as the PvP round is started your roster will be blocked up. The game will show everything: animation, movement, but the champions roster could be changed only after the end of the round. But this rule is not using while we considering items. Game mechanics allow you to give items to any live champion and its effect will be used on a champion immediately. You can use this little trick to quickly heal the almost dead champion to turn the fight and claim the victory!

Assassins are special

Every class of champions has its own unique abilities, that helping them to enhance the army. But Assassins has quite unique buff that greatly changes the gameplay. In the time while most of the champions are going towards an enemy, Assassins jumping in their rears. Most of the Auto Chess players know this feature, and that is why Assassins are so good against Sorcerers or Rangers.

Placement is important

TFT Glacials

Just look at the paragraph above – if you are playing against strong Assassins then you need to close your rears or just change the positioning completely, placing your tanks in the backline. In any case, positioning is an extremely important thing that you need to understand, but you need to feel the game with your guts. It is not the thing that someone could teach you.

Do not chase for the champions

Yup, I understand the struggle to create a team that is gaining full bonuses from both, classes and origins. Team of six Assassins with 450% of critical damage could eliminate the team in a second.

Some classes in TFT are releasing their potential only when there are one or two rare champions on board. You could spend a lot of time finding Yasuo to gain the maximum bonus in the class or the fourth Ninja.

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Analysis of the MDL Disneyland: Top Pick heroes

Dota 2 Major event meta report

Best heroes of the MDL Disneyland

MDL Disneyland has ended and now it is time to learn from the professional players which heroes are the best in the current patch and meta. This tournament was generous on heroes, 97 of them were picked, and various strategies were showed. Professional teams have tried many interesting strategies, from early-game dominance pick and to the late-game oriented drafts. Two heroes earned the title of most popular hero on this major – Drow Ranger and Doom.

Картинки по запросу MDL Disneyland

But I will not tell you about them, I have seen two other heroes who stayed in the shadows, but their influence could not be unnoticed. And these are Sven and Ancient Apparition.

Sven – Top priority Carry hero

Sven has an insane win rate on the MDL Disneyland – 100%, but he was picked only six times. Despite the small sample size, you could say, that the potential in this hero is unbelievable. So why don’t use this monster in pubs as Dota 2 boosting hero?

The hero has not changed a little, and professionals still play Sven as before: Just prioritize Greater Cleave and farm everything you could reach. As sooner you will get your Echo Sabre, the greater the outcome of early teamfights will be, and the bigger snowballing effect you will accumulate. Successful early game with the fast Echo Sabre and Blink Dagger give you all the opportunities to become a strong and independent core hero. Always remember that Sven’s strength is not his late game potential. During the late stages of a game, he just cannot be compared to Chaos Knight or some kind of Terrorblade. You need to finish games before the 40 minutes, or your overall strength will decrease with every second passed.

Sven best talents

Thanks to the talents you could focus on DPS or on some utility features. At the MDL Disneyland, every professional Sven player ignored the talent that causes Sven’s stun to dispell targets, they all were focused on +30 movement speed at the 15 level.

Картинки по запросу sven dotaart

But I cannot be silent here and need to say that Sven’s dispell is extremely useful in various scenarios. If you see the enemies have Dark Seer, Omniknight or Necrophos, then you will make a great mistake if you will blindly ignore that talent and chase the movement speed.

Sven item build

Item buildes were flexible as well, in some games, Sven ignored Blink Dagger and build fast Sange and Yasha plus Satanic to increase his status resistance, but I recommend you this build instead Black King Bar only when enemies do not have enough CC abilities.

As a conclusion, I might say that you need to add this hero in Hero Pool, especially if you playing on 1st position and want to quickly climb the MMR ladder in Dota 2.

Ancient Apparition – your choice for a pos 4-5 support

I will not force you to pick Apparition as the third position hero as did Team Secret in the game against Evil Geniuses or as the mid laner like Virtus Pro against Mineski. But you certainly need to look at this hero in pubs. Such heroes as Necrophos, Bloodseeker, Abaddon, Io, Monkey King and etc. are quite popular in the high MMR pubs, and you could harden their lives just with one AA pick. The most precious in this hero, that even if you cannot directly counter-pick anyone in the opposite team, the utility abilities of Ancient Apparition will always be valuable.

As a support Ancient Apparition could make a lot on the lane, helping his core hero and harassing enemy core or support. Reworked Chilling Touch deals a ton of mixed damage from a far distance. You could trade your HP and Mana more efficiently than any other support, especially if you have someone with a stun on a lane with you. Then you could easily combine Cold Feet with any stun to receive a longest disable in the Dota 2.

Ancient Apparition talents and build

In most cases, you will not want Chilling Touch higher than the first or second level, so I recommend you to learn and max Cold Feet, especially if you have some additional control that will disable hero for a second or two. Cold Feet at the 4 level deal 360 magic damage and then stun a target for 3.5 seconds.

The talents and item build will be the same as always, the first item will be Hand of Midas and then you need to chase Aghanim’s Scepter if you counter picking someone or some utility and saving items like Rod of Atos, Eul’s Scepter or Glimmer Cape.

Картинки по запросу ancient apparition dotaart

Remember that your main goal – is to set a perfect Ice Blast that will hit the most enemy heroes. So you need to always stand in the backline, thanks we have a pretty good casting range of spells.

In my opinion, Ancient Apparition is one of the best possible early picks for the pos 5 players. The hero in the well-balanced place, he could fit into almost every team composition and making life or popular meta core heroes much harder.

Closing Thoughts

The new patch is coming to us and the Dota 2 will never be the same, so before Ice Frog invented something new, you NEED to abuse these heroes to quickly earn free PTS to quickly increase your rank in Dota 2.

G2: Mikyx is suffering from wrist issues


G2 Esports‘ celebrity support participant Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle was suffering pain in his arms and wrists for quite a while, according to head coach Fabian”GrabbZ” Lohmann.

The pain has seemingly become so severe lately that it is beginning to turn into a real concern for your group that is going to enter the LEC playoffs as the No. 1 seed.

We have sent to two experts who prescribed rest and treatment,” GrabbZ stated on Twitter.

lol g2 mikyx

GrabbZ also stated that so as to break the group following the burdens of a very long season, the company made a decision to decrease the quantity of practice time moving into week , and this could have caused a series of stressing performances.

The trainer told fans who G2 are carefully tracking how Mikyx feels moving ahead and will continue to keep all options open for week. This means we can observe the service participant rested before the playoffs (or outside ), based on how he is feeling.

G2 head in the last few games of the regular season understanding that they have procured the first seed from the LEC following beating Vitality yesterday, beating a massive shortage in the procedure.

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Bastion: best turret for boosting | Ranking boost Overwatch

bastion best boosting hero

In the beta, Bastion was overpowered, but after a few rebalancing efforts, he is not looking too strong. But if your enemies would underestimate you, then it will be their last mistake. Yep, Bastion is quite niche pick, but on several maps, he just will keep enemies at the respawn forever.

Bastion | Best hero to boost your rank to Master

Bastion is a pure monster in the right hands. Once his ultimate charged up, all enemies will tremble in fear because Bastion is in his tank-mode. Only a few heroes could survive such an encounter.

overwatch bastion

But the most of your time you will spend as a devastating turret that crushing everything in your sight. But remember that in this form you couldn’t move, so beware of various flankers (Hello Reaper, Tracer, Ganji and etc.).

Bastion is one of the best heroes that used by overwatch boosters. According to the Overbuff, he got a more than 64% win rate!

Bastion basic tips

Bastion is known as one of the easiest heroes of Overwatch, but if you play him a lot, then you know that if you will play him without knowing the map, you’ll gonna have a bad time! To master this hero you need to familiarise yourself with his abilities.

Positioning is the first thing you need to learn if you decide to master Bastion. Just keep in mind the next crucial factors, and you will become a master Bastion in no time!

Clever usage of Sentry Mode

Most of your time you will spend in Sentry Mode, but don’t get too greedy. Smart enemies will track you down and quickly annihilate you from behind. So after you massacred a few targets, pack yourself back and find a new spot to destroy enemies.

bastion boost

Also, you always need to keep in mind that your back is extremely vulnerable (your blue energy block takes 300% damage), so keep you back secured. Make sure that you find such a place, that as snugly to a wall, as possible.

It’s over Anakin! I have the high ground!

High ground is too important if you are want to learn how to play as a Bastion. You will be amazed by how peoples are unexpecting a devastating turret that will attack them from behind.

But beware of flanking opportunities! Pick such spots that provide the least chance to the enemy team of taking you out from the side. Metagaming doesn’t work with Bastion, so always try to find unstandard places to surprise your enemies.

Some tips about Bastion Ammo

Bastion in a Sentry Mode has a lot of bullets in a clip, so you need to change your ammo expectations. Play some games in training mode with bots to stop wasting your time on unnecessary reloading. Also, after a few games against bots, you will feel the “flow” of damage output.

And a quick trick, never ever use Reload in a Sentry Mode. Just switch modes and your ammo clip will be refilled automatically to the maximum.

Sometimes Sentry Mode is better than Tank Mode

If you see that your ultimate is popped out, do not haste to immediately use it right now. Sometimes you could do much more damage as a Sentry Turret, and you could save Tank Mode for when you’ll need a group of enemies with low HP. After it, you could enjoy your PotG🙂

Bastion matchups

beepboopweb burst enemies

As all other Overwatch heroes, Bastion has his own nemesis. Such heroes that directly counter him. Like super mobile flanking characters like Genji, Tracer or Reaper. Also, according to Bastion’s immobility, he fears of all kind of snipers, like Hanzo and Widowmaker. Symmetra could cause some problems too because her small moving Orbs are still fast enough to fly directly in our mechanical face. Of course, we have a self-healing tool, but we never want to stop shooting!

But on the other side, we extremely strong against all kind of shield-wielding heroes (2000 hp Reinhardt’s shield? It’ll take 3 seconds to destroy it, so nvm). Mercy with all her mobility just could not fly away from our bulletstorm. In fact, Bastion can obliterate most squisher heroes, so if your position is great, then the victory is almost 100% secured! Even Forbes understands how imbalanced Bastion is, so what are you waiting for? Go and earn some elo points to climb to your ranks!

Detailed Heimerdinger guide by Challenger

Heimerdinger guide by Challenger

You may set maximum 3 turrets. Just exception is Rylai’s Crystal Scepter which procs 20 percent slow for 1 minute. When there’s a ring (cog) round the enemy – that usually means they will be the priority goal of your turrets strikes.

Turrets may be Smited and rely as minions vs winners with bonus harm to minions.
Turrets will attempt to hit the exact same goal and prioritizes enemies that you auto-attack or strike with your own spells.
Turrets laser will attempt to shoot enemy champions even if they’re out of scope and they’re charged.
Turrets HP scale heimerdinger’s degree + his AP.
Turrets can be set over walls and ledges and burst coned.

The turret laser includes 90 seconds cooldown after being put, but other standard skills charge it whenever they strike enemy champions – the Hextech Micro-Rockets provides 20 percent of the fee for every rocket and CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade provides full control. If an enemy is still remaining just a little out of your turret auto-range then you are still able to stun them hit on your Hextech Micro-Rockets to control and take the turret laser in them.

Generally speaking turret positioning during laning stage is dependent upon winner you perform against.
Also early to the game attempt to know about cannon minion waves, since if your own turrets are put past half the lane then they’ll be ruined and you can not shield them because creep aggro is overly strong.
At times you might choose to play with them below your turret that will assist you CS and between normal ganking paths so that they behave as a ward.

Heimerdinger guide by challenger

You are able to use bomb plants to throw your turrets over walls into unexpecting enemies. Normally, putting your turrets in difficult to kill places like bushes and above walls would be the safe thing to do out of lane since it gives control and vision. You need to locate a balance between maintaining your turrets in secure, zoning areas while also having them close to enemies in order that they auto-attack and take lasers when you strike skills.

Rockets deal 60/90/120/ / 150/180 (+45percent Ability Power) Magic Damage.
Additional rocket strikes deal decreased harm:
Champions and Monsters:12/ / 18/24/30/ / 36 (+12percent Ability Power) Magic Damage, maximum 108/162/216/ / 270/324 (+93) total damage
Minions: 60 percent of foundation damageRocket strikes against winners charge neighboring turret beam strikes.

Your W is a linear skillshot which is composed of 5 distinct rockets. Every rocket following the initial deals 20 percent of its initial damage to winners.
Should you strike all 5 on a single enemy you do 180 percent of it is damage
in the event that you strike 1 missile every on two enemies you cope 200 percent damage.
In the event that you strike 1 missile per on 5 opponents (distribute ) you cope 500 percent damage.
It’s far simpler to poke enemies should you SPREAD that the Hextech Micro-Rockets broad. If you disperse the Hextech Micro-Rockets, it’ll be nearly impossible to dodge. The first missile of this 5 strike does the most harm, and the remainder do less so spreading and hitting only 1 is great enough 90% of their time. Additionally they hatch from BEHIND Heimerdinger’s personality design – so be cautious with using it into minion waves when a non-priority goal is supporting you.

Enemies at the middle of the explosion will also be startled for 1.25 minutes. Hitting a winner fully charges neighboring turret beams.

Slow moving, lobbed capacity which stuns at the middle and slows across the middle. This capacity is principally utilized to CC the enemy to ensure hitting your missiles or charging turret lasers. It’s extremely simple to dodge therefore throw the grenade first, THEN set a turret down. that will still bill the laser should you do it quickly enough.

IT GRANTS VISION, therefore use it to scout bushes/over walls when you don’t have any vision. Can also use this to help your staff when they can not see. DO NOT SPAM the capability to clean waves, or even to poke, etc.. Every time it is off cooldown, since you want the THREAT of all CH-3X Lightning Grenade at any moment.

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For what reason Blizzard added a Hamster in Mech costume to Overwatch?

Why Blizzard added Hamster

There is much more to Wrecking Ball the hero than only a robotic ball equipped with quad cannons, as a few of you might already know. To help clarify the differentiation between Hammond the Empire and Wrecking Ball the protagonist, allow me to step back a bit to the start of the character’s narrative.

The Champion of all Junkertown

According to Overwatch Official News portal, Hammond has been Specimen #8 Horizon Lunar Colony, which Overwatch players can comprehend both as a working map from the match as well as the research center that created Winston, the gorilla scientist who has been a part of this game’s hero lineup because the beginning.

According to Winston’s history, a few gamers might have assumed that each the specimens in the Horizon Lunar Colony were apes, or primates. But on our Earth, people have sent all kinds of critters into area over the decades for many different different motives –cats, dogs, turtles–and we all believed that could be something interesting to research in the Overwatch universe.

Hammond was yet another test subject in the lunar colony, but the experiments that they ran went somewhat further than those that they ran on Winston. That is why Hammond is not only smarter compared to a standard hamster; he is also much larger.

If you have ever owned a hamster, you are aware they’re always attempting to break from items and research. Hammond’s narrative starts in a similar location to Winston’s, but branches in another way.

If Wrecking Ball initially looks in-game, you may observe that others socialize with Wrecking Ball in various ways. Roadhog and Junkrat, as an instance, just knew Hammond as Wrecking Ball for its longest period, therefore Junkrat might walk and only begin gushing over how beautiful he believes this giant damaging mech is… and totally ignore the fact he’s a hamster.

The character and background of Wrecking Ball also introduced some challenges in regards into reconciling Hammond’s narrative with all the hero’s game play. While making it Hammond himself is observable in games does not make a lot of sense from a narrative standpoint, we knew we needed to demonstrate that the character’s character in-game. In addition, actually revealing that the hamster provides rivals a far clearer headshot area than they would otherwise have. In addition to this, hamsters are super adorable, and we enjoyed the concept of demonstrating this critter over, say, giving the robot a mechanical mind or something like this that gamers knew where they ought to aim.

Why Blizzard added Hamster

We have been slipping little tips about Hammond’s presence into Overwatch for approximately two decades now. Observant Overwatch gamers may have noticed snippets of information regarding Specimen 8 getting from his cagesince the Horizon Lunar Colony map has been revealed. However, the thought for Wrecking Ball goes even farther than that, though we did not understand for a very long time he’d wind up being a giant genetically altered hamster.

In the time we believed giving him some type of magnetic skills would be cool–believe something along the lines of Katamari Damacy–at least one stage we thought he would suck bullets and take out them. The heart of the protagonist dream was always”I am this huge chunk of jealousy,” and we began to think more along the lines of:”Imagine if Overwatch was a pinball game”.

“Ball Guy” did not make it in the first roster of heroes, but we always knew we wanted to return to him finally, so gradually the personality developed out. In the beginning we pretty much knew he was likely to become a tank, only because it made great sense with his dimension as well as our vision because of his role on a group for a disruptor. We began to see him because this zone-control type of protagonist in a similar vein into D.Va or even Winston–compared to the exact literal types of tank heroes such as Reinhardt and Orisa that are good at holding a point and soaking up damage. And finally, we chose this character-less, emotionless robot asked ourselves”How can we make him brighter? How can we give him that additional oomph to actually give him character?”

Throughout that time, our guide artist Arnold Tsang attracted a variant of Ball Guy that needed a tiny robotic crab on top pointing from the hatch at the mech. That instantly took a personality who was cool concerning his gameplay , also introduced a very intense contrast concerning character and aesthetic. There was lots of debate around topics such as, Alright, acquiring a hamster in a ball is a fairly neat link. But if it be a robot or a true hamster? Is your ball smart as well as the hamster is your sidekick? If the hamster have the ability to talk?


We spent years figuring everything out. I meanwe had a speaking gorilla in the moon at the first launch. When you have a look at this today, years after, everybody is perfectly alright with it”Oh yeah, speaking moon gorilla, which makes great sense” We wanted to allow a specific quantity of time to pass until we pushed the envelope and place another oddity to the match.

Pushing the Envelope

And that is what about Wrecking Ball–we understood he was likely to become a somewhat polarizing figure. We desired him to become polarizing. I think you neglect in the two directions if folks simply hate something. However, if everybody just adores a personality and believes they are perfect? You want to have that dichotomy between individuals stating,”Oh this is too much,” and other people saying,”That is wonderful!” We desired that pull and push, that fire on the two ends of this spectrum.

On occasion the polarization occurs on the gameplay , and occasionally it’s over a character’s character. We knew we had been pushing matters, but we wanted to determine where the limitation was–just how far we can push items, how far we can get folks talking, while also putting together a very fun personality with amazing new gameplay which worked as a single cohesive unit.

If we’d just gone”Hamster, in the game” Without a circumstance, it might have been completely absurd. Hamster with some narrative circumstance? Still rather out there. Kinda nuts, but once you play with him for just a time, our expectation is that he grows on you and that you just go from thinking,”That is kinda mad” into”This can be kinda fun” into”I can not envision Overwatch with no!”

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Majors 2018 | League of Legends


Calendar of the international competitions of the 2018 year

Riot Games showed schedule of the all international tournaments of the 2018 year in the League of Legends. Now fans received a useful data about major tournaments of this year, including dates.

  1. 2018 International Season will be opened on the 1st May in the Mid-Season Invitational in Berlin. Germany and France will hold this tournament, finals of which will be played in 20 of May in the Le Zénith Paris – La Villette.
  2. Next will be a series of tournaments of Rift Rivals, which will collide face to face a few leagues. CIS league may meet serious problems because their wounds from the last matches against Turkey are still hurt, and this time to the teams from the TCL will join Vietnamese collectives – this region, from this year, acquired a separate status on the pro scene. And in Vietnam matches from 2 to 8 of Jule will be held.
  3. South Korea will hold another World Championship, but we do not receive any dates of this tournament.
  4. And the last tournament of 2018 will be All Star 2018 in the USA  and it will be held from 3 till 9 December. Riot Games again will change the format of this tournament which still could not find his place in the e-sport world of League of Legends.
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Star Guardians | Creation process

star guardian emblem leaders

When the first Star Guardian team was created, the designers had to study the whole universe; the next time they had to introduce characters into an already existing world. They had to be harmoniously combined with this universe and not seem to be strangers in it, but at the same time to be separate from everyone, a unique team. In part, this was achieved through a darker history, in part due to their appearance.

Star Guardian, second team | Origins | Call of the Star

Last year the Star Guardian team tried to overcome internal conflicts in order to fight evil together and save the world – this topic is most likely close to the majority of players. “We acted for sure,” says senior concept artist Paul “Riot Zeronis” Kwon. “And it seems to me that it was justified because we were going to introduce a new direction to the League.” But this year we want to act riskier.

soraka star guardian

One such risky decision is the choice of champions who diversify the Star Guardian team. “We took into account several factors: what champions came up with the concept, what players wanted to see in this capacity and what champions could work with each other in the team,” says product manager Carlos “I am Carlos” Hiffoni. “But our global goal was to find champions, which we could make as different as possible.” Thus, Ezreal has become quite an obvious choice: this is the first man among the Star Guardians. Sindra exposes the function of a darker and more mysterious character. Add to them a healer, a quick-fire marksman, a charismatic leader – and here’s the second team of Star Guardians ready to be created.

New Star Guardians – New Emblem

Create five new unique skins at once – too difficult task for any artist, so this case was entrusted to several designers. Riot Zeronis served as the head of the project: helped to find the general direction in which the remaining artists were supposed to work.

star guardian emblem

For example, for the first Star Guardians, the main symbol was a five-pointed star, but the developers wanted to emphasize the difference between teams, having redesigned the design of this symbol in a new way. “We had to spoil a lot of napkins before we met on a four-pointed star,” says Riot Zeronis.

Champion concepts

After the general direction was chosen, the artists separately (mostly) worked on the design of each champion. Riot Zeronis periodically collected all the sketches to conduct a so-called “compatibility check” and make sure that all images corresponding to the same universe. He looked at the following parameters: whether the colors match each other, whether the artists use the same style, whether the shades of gold match, whether there are too similar or too different suits. And, perhaps most importantly – whether this skin looks equally cool in itself and in combination with the rest.

star guardian emblem concepts

He repainted each model, that is, in fact, he created anew existing sketches to deal with compatibility issues. After that, the artists continued their work. For all the time this process was repeated more than fifteen times. “Perhaps I was too confused, it seems, I had a temporary clouding of consciousness,” – admits Riot Zeronis.

“On the other hand, it never happens that we make the first sketch and immediately approve it, we want to do everything perfectly,” says I am Carlos.


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LCL | Summer Split 2017

LCL Open cup

The culmination of the summer split of the Continental League broke all records. We bring to your attention interesting figures and key statistics.

The Grand Final of the Continental League has surpassed all expectations. Players Gambit Esports and M19 gave us a stunning series of five games, in response to that the fans broke the record of spectator activity, set in the spring. Thanks to everyone who came to Live.Portal on September 3 to support your favorite team!


Well, now – interesting figures grand final of the summer split of the Continental League.

LCL in numbers

The peak number of spectators who watched this tournament reached 76,605 people, in sum, this is more than 393,000 watched hours of the final broadcast.

The following heroes were named the most popular LCL champions (they were chosen 3 or more times):

  • Jarvan IV
  • Thrash
  • Xaya
  • Kayn
  • Gragas

9,991 Minions sacrificed their lives, bravely defending Nexus, it’s a pity that players did not find 9 more, to reach a beautiful round number – 10 thousand.

More than 89 thousand awards were distributed to viewers on the live portal, and for the whole 62 minutes, the fourth game of the series lasted.

LoL LCL 2017

The hero who killed the largest number of opponents – Blasting with 23 murders, which means that only 13 players out of 59 thousand participants made the perfect prediction!

Kira became the first six-time champion in the history of the professional dota!

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Urgot | Origins

Urgot splash art

Urgot | The Dreadnought

Urgot new

Long ago Urgot was a High Executioner of Noxus, and he holds a great power in his hands. This did not last for long and Urgot was imprisoned and sent to the deepest Zaun’s mine – The Pit. But this was a great gift to him because he understands what powers mean. And when he gets free, Zaun was drowned in blood and violence. Right now Urgot is the main figure in a shadow world of Zaun. He is famous for his violence, and the former prisoner will change his new home in a crucible of pain and cleanse the city of unworthy.

Urgot’s origins

Urgot fan art

Urgot, as an Executioner, shows to everyone what Noxian laws means and with the each cleave of his axe he cleanses the world from the weak ones. He was proud of the work he did, and only his presence makes everyone tremble in fear.

But he suffered an unenviable fate. He was exiled to the deepest mines for the extraction of chemicals. All previous ideals of the Executioner collapsed, he lost for the first time, became a slave, turned out to be unworthy. Urgoth long endured unbearable torments and waited for the hour of his death.

And when his hour came, he did not break. The Pit released the true power of Urgot because, in comparison with the torments that he experienced there, no suffering of the upper world can not hurt him. He passed the pit and became stronger than ever before.

He conquered the biggest part of the mines, and then Urgot began to get rid of weaknesses. Determined the weakest parts of his own body, he replaced them with mechanical ones using the latest technologies.

It was the time when Urgot realized that the strongest should rule, and ordinary people are too weak for it. The rulers of Noxus are not worthy of their title, and Urgot set himself a new goal. Nothing should interfere the chaos of survival. Neither false rulers nor false values. Nothing.

Urgoth raised a revolution, destroying almost the entire mine, set fire to the warehouse of chemicals, but still he found his freedom. Many of the weak prisoners perished, but it’s not scary. The strongest survived.

Only strong ones are worthy


Urgot – is a combination of Noxian brutality and industrial engineering. He gathers around himself a huge army of slaves, but only the worthy ones are lived through initiation. Urgot does not set himself the goal of creating a huge army, the overthrow of rulers. No, his only desire is to survive. And only worthy can survive.

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