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League of Legends

Learning League of Legends vocabulary

League of Legends

In order to better understand how to play League of Legends, first you have to familiarize yourself with the in-game vocabulary used by the community. Here are some key terms you’ll see quite often:

LoL Dictionary

AP = Ability Power, this stat boosts the effectiveness of abilities;

BD/BACKDOOR= To attack the enemies’ towers and base without the cover of your creeps there;

CC = Crowd Control; it defines moves that limit enemy champions’ ability to participate in fights such as stun, fear, knockbacks/ups and blind.

CD= Cool down, the time you have to wait in order to use the same ability again;

Farm = killing many creeps in order to gain gold, experience and to push the lane.

Feed = A player who dies constantly “feeds” the other team with the gold reward for killing someone and experience. A player who is “fed” has a lot of kills.

Harass = to annoy the enemy with small bursts of non-lethal damage in order to force them to leave the lane to heal or to be set up for a gank.

MR= Magic Resist which works as armor against magic abilities, reducing the damage.

MS = Movement Speed

TP = The summoner’s spell “Teleport” used to traverse the map;

ULT = Ultimate Ability. The R Ability;

GG = Good game;

GJ= Good job;

GL, HF = Good luck, have fun! They are usually said before the match in order to encourage the allies/enemies;

DISC, DC = Disconnected from a game;

B = back;

Bait = to deliberately appear in a position where you can be easily attacked so as to make 1 or more players from the enemy team to be attacked unexpectedly by your team;

Gank = an ambush; to go (often with more than one player) and try to kill an enemy by surprise; it is technically an abbreviation for “gang kill.”;

OOM = out of mana;

IP = Influence Points, the in-game money that anyone can earn by playing;

RP= Riot Points, in-game money purchased with U.S. Dollars;

OP= Overpowered champion or Original Poster, the thread creator;

Burst = A large volume of damage done quickly and typically then very little sustained follow up damage;

Smurf = a low level account played by an experienced player in order to face lower opponents;

BG = bad game for games with leavers/purpose feeders etc. However, this phrase is not nice to be said even if you lost the match;

KS = kill steal/ kill stolen;

LH = Last Hit;

SR = Summoner’s Rift;

TT = Twisted Treeline;

AT = Arranged Team;

Premade = Same as AT;

CS: “Creep score.” The number of minions you’ve killed in a game.

Wave clear: A champion’s ability to kill an entire wave of enemy minions in one fell swoop or very quickly.

Kiting: Running away from an opponent while simultaneously dealing damage to them.

Leash: A method used to help junglers by attacking monsters in the jungle to chip away at their health and/or distract them while leaving the final kill for the jungler teammate.

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